Two ways to make your donation

We provide two convenient ways to make your donation. 

  • The Health Foundation is a recognized charity participating in PayPal Giving Fund Canada, which accepts donations by credit card. You do not have to be a PayPal member to use this service. By donating through PayPal, 100% of your donation comes to us; there are no credit card or administrative fees charged by PayPal.

  • If you prefer, you may complete a form to provide us with your contact and donation information, and mail or email it to us.

Donate through PayPal Giving Fund Canada

Donate through PayPal Giving Fund Canada

Donate through PayPal Giving Fund Canada


PayPal Giving Fund Canada is a registered charity which collects donations on our behalf and forwards your donation to The Health Foundation.

Neither you nor The Health Foundation is charged a fee for this donation. Your donation will be made to PayPal Giving Fund Canada which will issue an official charitable donation receipt to you by email.

When you donate using this service, you may login to PayPal if you have a PayPal account. 

If you do not have one, and do not wish to set up a PayPal account, click the Pay with credit or Visa Debit card grey button towards the bottom of the screen. That will take you to a secure page where you can provide your credit card and contact information.

PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery credit cards, and processes your donation through their secure system.

Donate by sending us your information

Donate through PayPal Giving Fund Canada

Donate through PayPal Giving Fund Canada


Click the Donation Form button below to print or download our donation form. You may print it and fill it in, or you may download and then fill in and save to send to The Health Foundation.

On the form, you may provide your credit card information, or choose to pay by other means. Confirmation of receipt of your donation will be sent to you.

If you prefer not to send your credit card information, you may still use this form, and indicate that you will be sending a cheque for your donation. We can also contact you by phone to receive your credit card information.

Please provide all the information requested so we can process your donation. 

When you have completed the form, print and fax, mail, email or deliver it to The Health Foundation.