Cash Lottery 2020

Your support will save lives

Every year proceeds of The Health Foundation Cash Lottery helps to buy equipment for your Regional Hospital in Yorkton.

When you buy a ticket, you are helping us to put new equipment and often new services into the hospital. 

Often we are able to buy equipment that means people no longer have to travel to access tests and procedures; rather they can receive those services locally.

This lottery has saved lives

This lottery has helped to buy lab equipment, a CT scanner, digital mammography equipment, an ultrasound machine and echocardiogram, equipment for the operating room and the intensive care unit.

Buy your ticket today, and help us continue to improve our local healthcare.

Lottery license LR19-0087

To view our brochure with detailed information, and a convenient order form, please download and print from the link below.

View, download or print our brochure including an order form.

Health Foundation lottery 2020 (pdf)