Our current campaign

2018 Fund Raising Focuses on Lab Equipment

The 2018 campaign is about lab equipment for the regional hospital, and facilities in the health region.

The five primary pieces of equipment needed are: 

  • Digital Microscopy system
  • Hematology analyzer 
  • Centrifuge
  • Microscope 
  • Stainer 

These total $330,000. The digital microscopy system is a new service that will be a major upgrade to lab services. The other pieces of equipment are upgrades from existing equipment, so it is on par with the microscopy system. They will allow staff to detect a greater range of disease and infection than current equipment. Once the new equipment is in place the lab will be able to diagnose conditions it can’t currently. 

In addition there is another $150,000 worth of lab equipment needed for sites outside Yorkton: the acute care sites in Canora, Kamsack, Preeceville, and Esterhazy need new centrifuges and hematology analyzers at a cost is around $37,000 per site. 

Other priorities include:

  • $59,500 to pay for the equipment and renovations to create two dedicated palliative care rooms in the regional hospital
  • $60,000 to renovate a room and establish a second bathing room in the hospital: some renovations, a new whirlpool tub with a lift, a ceiling track lift to assist patients getting in and out of the tub
  • $25,740 for a vein finder for the hospital which has been purchased
  • $11,000 for a medication cart for ICU
  • $21,060 for a bladder scanner

In addition we hold the Charity Golf Classic and will be buying about $70,000 worth of smaller equipment with those funds:

  • Canora Hospital:  Stretcher
  • Public Health Yorkton:  Vein Locator
  • Yorkton Regional Health Centre: Blanket/Fluid Warmer
  • Yorkton Regional Health Centre: 10mm 30 Degree Scope
  • Foam Lake Health Centre: Bariatric Hi-Low Treatment bed
  • Langenburg Health Care Complex: Bariatric Hi-Low Treatment bed
  • Yorkton Regional Health Centre: Vital Signs Monitor
  • Yorkton District Nursing Home Yorkton: Sit/Stand Lift
  • Yorkton Regional Health Centre: Fiber Optic Bronchoscope
  • Foam Lake Health Centre: Podiatry Chair

We also expend approximately $25,000 each year on the scholarship program to assist nurses and therapists to upgrade their clinical skills. 

In total we are looking to purchase $750,000 worth of equipment and education for health care in this region this year. 

How you can help

Donations large and small are always appreciated, and help us reach our vision, which states that we aspire to be "the leaders in continuously improving and expanding the quality of healthcare and medical services in east central Saskatchewan."

To accomplish that, we work in partnership with donors, the community, healthcare providers and government to raise and invest funds in capital and educational initiatives that will enhance healthcare services for our health region. 

Please join with by making a donation.

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