The Health Foundation’s 24th Annual Gala raises $31,580

Dedicated to new digital mammography equipment

The 2020 Gala will be held October 24.

"Gala was a tremendous success this year and raised $31,580," Diane Rusnak, Chair of The Health Foundation, said following the annual event. "Our sponsors and guests helped us to raise a lot of money that will help purchase the new digital mammography equipment for the breast cancer screening program at the Yorkton Regional Hospital."

"Anytime you can raise a significant amount of money and the people helping you do that are having fun and enjoying themselves, you are probably doing something right," continued Mrs. Rusnak.  

"Part of the Gala experience is the ambience, with the beautiful decorations and the little extras you don’t see at other events. Gala is a special night out, and our committee works hard every year to create something special and memorable for our guests." 

"In 24 years A Gala Evening in Yorkton has raised $667,000 in net revenue, all of which has been used to purchase medical equipment for our health region. We have strong results like this because of the support provided by the business community through sponsorship, purchasing tables and the many donations to our silent auction,"continued Mrs. Rusnak. 

"Next year will be our 25th annual Gala," said Mrs. Rusnak. "Not many events receive the strong support our Gala has for 25 years, so we are going to make next year a wonderful celebration. You will not want to miss it."

The members of the Gala Evening organizing committee are Chair Diane Rusnak, MaryAnn Trischuk, Sandra Ruff, Wendy Zaporosky, Kara Molnar, Cindy Dutchak, Cassidy Wagner, Ross Fisher and Debbie Blommaert.