Farming for Health 2019 seeding is done

Will raise funds for new ultrasound equipment

This year Farming for Health seeded approximately 380 acres of canola in mid-May after harrowing the land south of Queen Street in Yorkton. 

Larry Hilworth, Committee Chair for the project, noted that this is year seven for Farming for Health. "Our first five years were dedicated to raising $1 million for a new hospital. We reached that goal. Starting last year, our funds are being used to buy equipment that will make a difference in people’s lives right away. Last year we raised $159,000 and used those funds to purchase new equipment for the lab in the Yorkton Regional Hospital." 

This year Farming for Health committee intends to purchase a new ultrasound machine for the Regional Hospital with the proceeds of their work. A new ultrasound machine costs about $200,000. 

“We have had the same core group on our organizing committee for several years now, and they stepped up in a big way this year, and every year. The local implement dealers, Pattison Agriculture, Rocky Mountain Equipment, and Yorkton New Holland seed and harvest the crop each year. Yorkton Co-op donates the fuel, Logan Stevens picks rocks and has staff run equipment, Cargill provides fertilizer and storage, Miccar Aerial applies fungicide and pesticide, City of Yorkton donates the land, Bayer Crop Science donates crop inputs, Corteva provides our seed, AVT Transport hauls our grain and Louis Dreyfus Company buys our crop. Agratactics Agronomy provides the agronomic services,” continued Mr. Hilworth.

“What I love about this project is that it brings together businesses and people who are in competition with each other, but they all put that aside and work together because this project is about making our community a better place. It’s good to be a part of that.” 

“This is our core group, but there are many other businesses that help. Last year we had nine combines in the field at harvest; that’s an example of how people want to participate and help. I had other calls asking if we needed anything, and it is wonderful to see how the agriculture community is prepared to step up,” Mr. Hilworth noted.

Photo above: Larry Hilworth, left, and Jason Popowich as Farming for Health seeding got underway. Larry provided his semi and hauled the fertilizer for two days and Jason picked rocks. Rocky Mountain Equipment seeded the crop this year.