Gifts of securities

A gift of securities to The Health Foundation of East Central Saskatchewan, Inc., delivers the best return on your donation you can get!

  • Your tax savings can be substantial;
  • It’s a meaningful way to make a difference;
  • There is no minimum gift amount;
  • The gift transfer process is easy.

It’s Tax Effective

When you transfer publicly traded stocks, bonds, futures and options, or shares in mutual funds directly to The Health Foundation, you pay zero capital gains tax (which can be as high as 50 per cent) on the appreciated value . Combined with a charitable tax receipt for the full fair-market value of your securities that offsets your taxable income, the out-of-pocket expense of making a donation is greatly reduced.

For example, if you transfer securities to the Foundation that have a value today of $25,000 (that you purchased for $15,000) and if you were in the top income bracket in Saskatchewan, the gift would generate a tax credit of $11,000. Your savings are also increased by the amount of the capital gains tax that is no longer payable.

Just remember, you receive the tax benefits only if you transfer your securities directly to The Health Foundation. If you choose to sell your securities first and then donate the cash proceeds, you will have to pay capital gains tax.

It’s Meaningful

Of course, the greatest reward your gift will bring is the impact it will have on healthcare. You can direct the net proceeds of your gift of securities to an area of care that is meaningful to you, or to the area of greatest need.

How to

To make a gift of securities, simply fill out our securities transfer form (link at bottom of page) and take it to your advisor – we’ll do the rest!  

For more information, contact The Health Foundation at 306-786-0506, email or speak to our contact at Cornerstone Credit Union, Derrick Larsen. Call him at 306-782-4112 or email

Download this form for the transfer of securities to The Health Foundation.

Securities transfer form (pdf)