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The Health Foundation of East Central Saskatchewan Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation registered with the Government of Saskatchewan, Department of Justice Corporations Branch. The provincial corporation registration number is 21255. The corporation is also registered as a non-profit charity with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency of the Government of Canada, and has been issued the registered charity number 88681 4698 RR0001. 

It receives no money from government, and operates independent from government and from the health region. Its only source of funds is the generous individuals both in and outside the region who want to help ensure that we can all receive the best possible acute and long-term health care.

The Health Foundation of East Central Saskatchewan accepts donations, bequests, and gifts from far and wide, and encourages and conducts a variety of community-based fundraising activities. The Health Foundation's mission is to support the equipment requirements, programs and services of health care facilities within the Sunrise Health Region. 

Donations are received from individuals, from memorial tributes, from estates and other planned giving programs, from clubs and organizations, from corporations, and from The Health Foundation's own activities. The Health Foundation also operates the gift shop at the Regional Health Centre in Yorkton, staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers. 

Our prime responsibility is to the donors who support the work of The Health Foundation. The wishes of donors regarding the use of their donation is respected. Donors may specify in which community, or for which facility the donation is to be used. The specific requirement is noted on the receipt. Our financial statements are audited to insure transparency of our organization.

For the convenience of our donors, donations are accepted at any of the care facilities in the health region. A temporary receipt will be provided at the time, and a permanent receipt will then be issued by The Health Foundation. 

To be the leaders in continuously improving and expanding the quality of healthcare and medical services in east central Saskatchewan. 

To work in partnership with donors, the community, healthcare providers and government to raise and invest funds in capital and educational initiatives that will enhance healthcare services for our health region. 

Success will be achieved through our ability to inspire and facilitate individuals, businesses, community organizations and governments to come together to improve the lives of residents in east central Saskatchewan by enhancing their local healthcare. 

Appreciation (to value or regard highly; to be grateful or thankful for)
We will conduct ourselves in a manner that will demonstrate our respect and appreciation for our donors, our volunteers and our partners in the community who help us achieve our goals. 

Accountability(an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions)
Our operations will be efficient and transparent so that the community benefit of each donation can be maximized. 

Leadership(the act of guiding; of setting direction)
We are leaders in the improvement of health care. We will bring together donors of all walks of life to identify and fund mutually acceptable projects. 

Integrity(firm adherence to a high standard of conduct and a code of ethics)
Our reputation in the community is our most important asset, and as such we will conduct our operations in a manner that continues to inspire the confidence and trust of the community. 

Teamwork (cooperative effort by the members of a group or team to achieve a common goal)
We work together to encourage, participate and achieve common goals. 

History of The Health Foundation

The Health Foundation was first established in the mid-1990s, along with the new health districts throughout Saskatchewan. Up until that time, each hospital, health care and long-term care facility in the district had its own fundraising programs. 

In April of 1997, The East Central District Health Board Foundation, Inc. was incorporated and operated under the name East Central Health District Foundation. When the hospital district was created through the amalgamation of several health boards in the region, many of the facilities set up trust funds with monies they had previously acquired. 

Some of the trust funds continue to be used to provide support for facilities in those communities. The Yorkton Union Hospital, which had the largest pool of donated funds at the time, transferred its funds to the new foundation. The Foundation was designated as the official organization to raise funds and issue charitable tax receipts for all facilities within the new health district. 

The Executive Director at the time the foundation was established was Bonnie Jean Muir, and her assistant was Brandi LaBonte. Annette Popowich joined the foundation as the Administrative Assistant in mid-1998, and in April of 1999 Joe Laxdal became the Executive Director. In 2001, Gwen Bryksa assumed the duties of Administrative Assistant, and in 2003 that position was taken over by Joan Kozushka. 

On January 1, 2000, the organization officially changed its name to The Health Foundation of East Central Saskatchewan, Inc. The new name better reflects the fact that those using the regional health facilities, and those wishing to support the work of The Foundation, come from many communities in eastern Saskatchewan, as well as a vast area of western Manitoba. 

When the amalgamation of health districts into larger regions took place in the spring of 2002, the Sunrise Health Region came into being, incorporating the former East Central Health Region as well as the Assiniboia Health Region to the north, and the North Valley Health Region to the south. With that change, The Health Foundation expanded its scope of operations, assuming responsibility for fund-raising, and supporting the needs of health care, throughout the new region. 

Joe Laxdal retired from The Health Foundation in the spring of 2005, when Ross Fisher became the Executive Director.

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