Gifts to endowment funds

Endowment funds are a unique way to combine a donor's vision with the current and future needs of healthcare in our community. The Health Foundation has several endowments:

CT Scan: Supports CT Scan equipment upgrades in keeping pace with rapidly changing technology.

Cardiac Care: Supports the upgrading of essential cardiac equipment.

Cancer Programs: Supports purchases for the expansion of cancer programs and treatments in east central Saskatchewan as well as the purchase of equipment for the care and comfort of patients.

Hemodialysis: Supports the purchase of equipment to provide the expansion of dialysis programs in east central Saskatchewan, as well as equipment purchases for the care and comfort of patients.

Palliative Care: Supporting the purchase of equipment and personal care items to assist the care and comfort of palliative patients, and, to assist family members to remain with them in their final days.  

For more information

For more information about endowment funds, including the Caring for Others Endowment, contact:

Ross Fisher, 

Executive Director
Phone 306-786-0506 

Caring for Others Endowment

Just as with our own personal savings and retirement plans, the Foundation must plan today for the needs of tomorrow. The Caring for Others Endowment allows us to do that. The Fund supports the purchase of the most urgently-needed medical equipment for the Yorkton Regional Health Centre, and saves for priority needs identified years from now that we can’t even imagine today.

How does the Caring for Others Endowment work?

The Caring for Others Endowment Fund acts like a registered savings plan for The Health Foundation. It ensures long-term financial stability, while providing ongoing support for our hospitals.

A donation to the Fund is a gift that is not spent. Instead, it is prudently invested to generate earnings. Each year, a portion of the earnings is used to support identified priority areas in our regional hospital, while the rest of the income is reinvested to build the Fund. In this way, the contribution continues to have an impact long after the initial gift is made, and you can be assured that your donation will always be put to the very best, and most needed, use. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

For a minimum donation of $10,000 to the Caring for Others Endowment Fund, you will receive annual updates on the impact your contribution is making. Donations may be pledged for payment over a period longer than one year and can be financed in many ways.